The Air Cadet Organisation opens up many opportunities for Adventure Training including: climbing, kayaking, sailing and skiing. Cadets from 1244 Squadron regularly attend annual adventure training camps, at Jersey, Okehampton, and Windermere. Jersey Camp is a firm favourite of 1244, with daily activities such as Abseiling, Kayaking and a zoo visit.

In august, 1244 squadron went on another successful Jersey camp. For this camp the cadets stayed in the Jersey Squadron building and embarked on activities such as: Open sea paddle-boarding, bell-boating, canoeing and kayaking. Furthermore the cadets went on a walk round parts of the Jersey coast-path to get some incredible views of France and Guernsey.  Also there was a visit to Jersey zoo where cadets learnt about the incident with the silverback gorilla called Jambo that protected the 5 year old child that fell into the enclosure.

Very recently, two cadets from 1244 went on a camp on HMS Bristol. During this camp, they went to see the HMS Maryrose, HMS Victory and HMNB Portsmouth. Furthermore, they went to a building called military mentors. In this area they took part in an activity called dress the soldier and numerous others. They also visited a museum called Fort Nelson and found out about the cannons, mortars and the underground tunnels.

The main point of the adventure training camps is to push cadets out of their comfort zone and getting them to try things that they wouldn’t normally do and to have a great time!