As well as adventure training camps, Cadets have the opportunity to spend a week on an RAF Station. Cadets spend at least a week on a base which could be anywhere in the country where they will sleep in the barracks, eat in the Junior Ranks Mess, and visit various working sections of the base. It gives Cadets a real taste of what life is like in the RAF and allows them the chance to meet Cadets from other Squadrons, making friends all around the UK. These camps are affectionately known as “Blues Camps”, because the Cadets spend nearly the whole week in their blue uniform instead of a few hours during the evening.

In June 2018, cadets got the opportunity to go to (MOD) Boscombe Down. This is the Regional Activity Centre for Dorset & Wilts Wing. During this weekend, cadets got to take part in activities such as: using the flight simulator, using the climbing wall and taking part in leadership and initiative exercises. This was a uniformed camp in which cadets had to wear their blues and greens (depending on the activities) during the day and of an evening they wore civilian clothes.

Very recently, two cadets from 1244 went on a camp on HMS Bristol. During this camp, they went to see the HMS Maryrose, HMS Victory and HMNB Portsmouth. Furthermore, they went to a building called military mentors. In this area they took part in an activity called dress the soldier and numerous others. Also they visited a museum called Fort Nelson and found out about the cannons, mortars and the underground tunnels.