As well as the obvious military element, there is also an allied civilian structure that effectively acts as the backbone of the squadron. Each squadron has one, comprised of parents and friends, its role is to assist the squadron’s Commanding Officer and staff, raise funds and ensure the squadron maintains direction.

As you can imagine, fundraising is a very important aspect as it supports many of our activities. Most camps and other adventurous pursuits are financed through this fundraising, and it’s these efforts which help keep the cost of air cadet membership incredibly low.

Many parents and friends get a great deal of enjoyment and fun out of assisting ‘their’ squadron as members of the Civilian Committee. Our Committee meets irregularly, but usually once every 1-2 months, under the direction of our Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Our Civilian Committee will be very pleased to accept offers of extra help – even if you can only be an extra body at events.

All Committee members are DBS checked before being officially accepted onto the squadron.

Chairperson – 

The Chairperson is responsible for

Secretary – 

The Secretary is responsible for

Treasurer – 

The Treasurer is responsible for looking after the money at the Squadron

Other members