The Air Cadet Organisation has dedicated teachers and assessors who help Cadets achieve their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards by taking part in various activities, from volunteer work to outdoor expeditions. A group of Cadets from 1244 are currently working towards their Bronze Award, and the Squadron also has two qualified assessors in its staff ranks. For more information about the scheme, go to their website by clicking here.

Bronze D of E

For this cadets must complete 4 different sections: Volunteering, Skill, Physical and an expedition. They can choose one activity to do for 6 months and two to do for 3 months.

For the volunteering section, cadets must part take in an activity to help in their local community. Usually the activity involves helping people to become a better rounded versions of themselves.

For the skills section, cadets must take on a new or existing skill and work on that skill for the amount of time that they desire. This helps the participant for D of E better their skill pallet which looks better on their CV later in life.

For the physical section, cadets must take part in a sport that will allow their physique to improve ready for the expedition as they are going to need a level of fitness for the D of E.

For the expedition section, the participant must walk a minimum of 5km a day and camp overnight. Whilst on this expedition the cadets must navigate using a map and compass. They must also abide by their 20 conditions to pass their D of E.