Drill is an integral part of being an Air Cadet, where we learn the same drill movements as the RAF such as saluting. Drill is also used when you are moving around in large groups in a smart, orderly fashion. Whatever the reason for a drill it’s an impressive sight and shows civilians and members of the Forces just how well disciplined you are. Cadets then display this skill in front of the public at parades and competitions. It’s also a great way to build team spirit and improve the quality of discipline and uniform.

Cadets can also be promoted into ‘non-commissioned ranks’, or NCOs,  such as Corporal or Sergeant, which would mean actually calling out the orders to a squad of Cadets. 

1244 Squadron are proud to regularly parade through Swindon on Battle of Britain Sunday in September and Remembrance Sunday every November. The Cadets of 1244 recognize that by parading, they  commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we can live in freedom, peace and democracy.