2015 Remembrance Parade

On Sunday the 13th of November, around 50 1244 cadets participated in the annual remembrance parade around Swindon town centre.

The Air Cadets paraded alongside the Army and Sea cadet corps from around Swindon, along with various adult groups and scouts. Thankfully it didn’t rain, although it was still very cold; especially unpleasant for those of us in skirts!

The parade stopped for the two minutes silence and a short service by the cenotaph before returning to Iceland car park, with just enough time to embarrass an adult participant by singing him ‘Happy Birthday’ full voice.

2017 Remembrance Parade

On Sunday the 12th of November, all the cadets from around Swindon combined for their largest parade to pay their respects for all the people directly and indirectly affected by war.

The cadets made their two minute silence in the centre of town by the memorial and placed wreaths onto the monument, lead by Flt Sgt Allen with his banner party. The new cadets all joined in and with all the other people from the community it made for a very special day for everyone involved.

2018 Remembrance Parade

On Sunday the 11th of November,  Cadets from 1244 and 633 squadron took part in the remembrance parade that marked the centenary of the end of the first world war. This was a monumental parade which involved Sea Cadets and Army cadets. There were also veterans from the wars. The parade payed respects to all those who had laid down their lives for their country in war and everyone who had been affected.

The cadets marched from the Iceland car park to the cenotaph in the centre of Town and payed their respects by participating in the two minute silence. There was a short service at the cenotaph and then the cadets marched back to the Iceland car park.

Flt Sgt Allen lead the band wearing the new Drum Major banner, which after a hiatus for the last couple of years is now back up to scratch, and they played extremely well. It was a great parade for all cadets old and new.