During your Air Cadet career you will have opportunities to learn military skills. Marksmanship goes a long way back in the history of the ATC and is one of the most popular activities. If you think you can concentrate on a distant target and fire with great accuracy, you could have the potential to become a squadron marksman. But it’s not easy. In order to obtain a marksmanship it requires focus, concentration and a steady hand.

The safety aspect of marksmanship is taken very seriously in the Air Cadet Organisation. Rather than using Air Rifles, Cadets will use various weapons shooting live rounds on both indoor and outdoor ranges. After completing the Weapons Handling Tests from diligent and qualified staff, Cadets can live fire the L144 & L98 A2 rifles on 25m outdoor and indoor ranges. working towards the “Marksman” and “Trained Shot” qualification at various levels, from Squadron through to the Corps. Cadets also have the opportunity to take part in Clay Pigeon Shooting at Buckley Barracks.

We will teach you how to handle a variety of weapons safely. Basic firing is always done lying on the stomach (The prone position) at static targets. Progress through the syllabus and you’ll experience different types of weapons, firing positions such as sitting and kneeling and could even take part in shooting competition.

Ranges in marksmanship come in different shapes and sizes, but all have controlled conditions with full training in any weapon that you will handle. Safety is our top priority. To start your shooting course you will be firing at figure 11 targets – around 25m away. As you advance through weapons, your skills will build and you will fire at targets up to 100m or more.